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Minimal Use of Color in Web Design

Spending a good amount of time on something does not mean the result has to be elaborate and complex. Recently, we found ourselves spending more time than usual planning, doing research, and going back and forth with a client to nail down a color scheme. In the end, the palette that only had black, white, and a shade of orange became the clear winner. Something interesting happened along the way. We were reminded that communication through simplicity is the goal we should all be trying to achieve in everything we do.

The most simple palette proved to be the most effective one. It seems obvious but it’s something we tend to forget from time to time. Here’s a couple themes and websites that were used during the creative.




Wordpress Theme

Artisan Creatif



Wordpress Theme

Yin & Yang



Wordpress Theme




Wordpress Theme




Wordpress Theme








Harlo Interactive



Informational Site

Crafting Type



Wordpress Theme




Ego Agency



Carter Digital



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