Miles Roxas

My name is Miles Roxas.
These are my adventures on the web.


  1. What We Can Learn From Print

    With the advent of responsive web design, designers and developers have ditched most of the print techniques and ways of thinking. While I’ll be the first to agree that designing for print and designing for web are completely different and moving further apart, there’s still so much we can learn from it. It’s important to

  2. First Year Freelancer

    There were so many valuable lessons that I learned my first year working as a freelancer. Looking back at it now, I’m not sure how I was able to survive that year. I never really sat down and officially decided that I would try freelancing, it just kind of happened. I got an email from

  3. Getting Through The Beginning

    I’ll be the first to admit that my skills in both craft and business are no where near where I would like them to be. I don’t think that I would ever feel right on point, and I’m okay with this. My first year as a designer wasn’t too long ago. Like most people I

  4. Learning The Hard Way: Client Relations

    We started the company with only a few short years of freelancing experience under our belt. It wasn’t enough time to learn how to maintain good client relations when you’re juggling multiple clients at once. In the beginning, our focus was completely directed towards our production. Keeping up to date with the current technologies and

  5. Minimal Use of Color in Web Design

    Spending a good amount of time on something does not mean the result has to be elaborate and complex. Recently, we found ourselves spending more time than usual planning, doing research, and going back and forth with a client to nail down a color scheme. In the end, the palette that only had black, white,